We live in an age characterized by the fluidity of information. Knowledge and communication are the main catalysts of modern society. Against this backdrop, advocacy and teaching are renewed activities. New social demands demand interdisciplinarity, management of rights, people and goods. Law advances and Man’s own position, his ethical and moral values are under discussion.

Digital Law

Freedom of forms supports the creation of innumerable legal and commercial relations that challenge the traditional institutes of law. Thus, Professor Juliano Madalena dedicates himself intensively to research on topics related to law and technology.

Business Law

Professor Julian Magdalene is teaching the theory disciplines of business and corporate law. He is also coordinator of the Post-Graduation in Corporate Law. He understands that the economic analysis of the law is an indispensable tool for understanding business phenomena.

Banking and Financial Market Law

Financial institutions occupy an extremely relevant space in modern society. The development of technology, encouraged by the market itself, creates new products and services in the financial market. With that, Professor Juliano Madalena has dedicated himself to understanding the new businesses in the financial and banking market.